Big Bag Frames

The MP Box is often used as a big bag frame. It provides
companies with a versatile, more cost efficient and effective big bag

Because the MP Box has some unique practical benefits.
MPPAK’s Big Bag Frames ensures a safe double-stacked transport
of big bags by truck, train or ship. Easy to load and unload.

Also we offer an alternative product as a Big Bag Frame, completely made of metal, making an extremly sturdy construction. It is similar to the  Manurack-system. We also  offer customization on this product, to fit your logistic process.

Available in various heightsfrom 80 to 200cm. For storage you can stack them up to
5-high (with 5 x 1.000 kg) without using a racking system.

Big Bag Frame

Other words used for this system are big bag holder or big bag rack