Nearly 50 years of outstanding quality

MP Packaging develops and markets innovative, reusable packaging systems.We have been producing this distinctive range of products for almost 50 years in Veldhoven, The Netherlands.

We offer solutions for various logistic needs; from bigbag frames to retail displays, from collapsible bulk hoppers to potato export boxes, from e-waste box to  flower bulb boxes.

Our continuous challenge is to improve our client’s competitive position by offering the best solution to save them time and money in their logistic and materials handling processes.

Robust, flexible and cost-effective

Our MP Multibox®, MP Flexbox® and MP Bulkbox® are all robust pallet boxes of industrial construction designed for a long life and intensive use. The oldest traceable MP Pallet Box in use during 2012 was produced in 1976.

Custom Solutions

Aside from our range of standard products, we also provide custom-made transport packaging solutions.

Based on your requirements and specifications, our development team creates the optimal MP Pallet Box solution for your business. Plus, whenever required, we make an analysis of the process in which the pallet boxes will be deployed.

This approach allows us to meet and exceed the high expectations of even our most demanding customers. Having an experienced development team and strong commitment to excellence we confidently affirm “Choose the MP Pallet Boxes if you want the best fitting solution”

Our Customers

Our pallet boxes are widely used to optimize the logistic and materials handling processes. The MP Pallet Boxes are a great fit for many types of business, from chemical industry, agriculture, retail distribution, to the automotive suppliers industry, from e-waste recyclers to production industry. 

Many top level international companies, including Philips, Toshiba, Siemens VDO, ASML, P&G, Flextronics, AvtoVAS, Michelin and Duracell, are already using the MP Pallet Box system for their logistics, warehousing, transport & distribution processes.

So far over 1,5 million MP Pallet Boxes have been sold worldwide.