e-Waste Pallet Cages


Extensive use of MP Packaging’s e-Waste Pallet Cages over Europe

As manufacturer of the folding MP Pallet Cages, MP Packaging has worked with many different clients in the e-Waste Industry over the years.

We currently cater a large part of the European e-waste collection and recycling market with our folding cages.

Recently we re-designed our pallet cage to further improve materials handling efficiency through the entire e-waste supply chain.

making your process faster and safer 

Faster unloading of e-waste through safely dumping its load by simply tilting the pallet cage with a fork lift.

Faster manual (un-)loading by completely removing the front side, maintaining full stability of the pallet box when handling e.g. large LCD screens. Even possible with using the MP pallet cages in double hight (8 walls).

Unique advantages through innovative construction

The process at the recycling plant starts with unloading the e-waste in accordance with WEEELABEX standards. The MP Box for e-waste provides you with two unique options for emptying the truckload in a safe and authorized manner.

For some types of e-waste the most efficient and approved method of unloading is dumping the load directly from the transport container into the sorting process. The new MP Box for e-waste makes this possible in a safe way.

Manually (un-)loading .
Certain e-waste, such as LCD screens and televisions, must be handled carefully to avoid breaking during the process.

For these special categories the unique features of the e-Waste Box provide you with the quickest loading and unloading process available.

In order to load or unload items from the e-waste box, you remove the complete front side of the pallet cage and you simply walk in and out of this special WEEE Box. The items (e.g. large lcd-screens) can be picked up or put down next to your feet, keeping your back straight during the process.

As a result the MP WEEE Box not only speeds up your processes, it also helps preventing back and neck injuries and lowering emplyees sickness absenteeism.

Giving recyclers a competitive edge

The new MP Box for e-waste has been developed specifically for e-waste recyclers’ logistic and handling processes in line with the new WEEELABEX legislation.

Simplified loading
With the newest MP Box for e-waste on a collection point the front side of the pallet box can be taken out during the collection process for easier stacking large goods, like TV screens or computers into the MP Box.

Consumers or emp[oyees just walk inside the MP Box and put the item next to their feet on the pallet, keeping their back straight.

Fast and safe unloading
Specially constructed to safely unload by dumping with a forklift.

Long lifetime, low maintenance
With a life cycle of >15 years and >500 logistic movements, our MP Boxes have a long lifetime, proven over the past decades; already over 1.5 million have been sold.

The 2mm thick sendzimir galvanized steel rims gives the e-Waste Box the durability required for handling e-waste. Due to its durable and modular construction, repairs are cheap and can be easily done on location.

Minimizing costs of collection
Transporting empty WEEE Boxes to the various collecting points will save you on transport costs because the e-Waste Box is foldable up to only 14% of its volume plus the pallet.

When full, the MP Box can be stacked 2-high in a truck allowing optimal usage of the trucks’ loading volume.

Adaptable to your requirements

We can provide custom-made e-waste pallet cages per your exact specifications. You can opt for customized dimensions combined with a range of options and accessories.


Our lates product innovation fixates the 4 or 8 pallet walls of the MP e-Waste Box to the pallet edge with a mechanism 100% securing the connection when the front side is fully take off, or when the box is tilted over. The walls can be detached or loosened however by simply releasing the two bench hooks on each wall. Part of the new construction is a series of pins on the bottom-side of the pallet walls that fit into the pallet’s top deck, thus providing a level of stability never achieved before with a loose-pallet-wall-system.