Distribution Logistics

The MP Multibox is a cost effective alternative for the conventional stillage or pallet boxes.

Optimal truck load
Because of the flexibility in hight of the MPbox you get a maximum fill of your truck. For optimal pallet logistics.

Loading double hight in a truck when full, and up to 16 collapsible stillages per pallet place when empty.

With up to 64 full and 448 empty pallet containers per truckload you save on your return transport

Sea transport
The MP Multibox is build to withstand the enormous torsional forces imposed on its four walls through the swinging of its heavy contents in rough seas.

Protection of its content
During transport the wooden walls of this flexible pallet box ensures an optimal protection of goods from outside punctures. Because of the stability and high rigidity of the walls fixed on the pallet, it gives a large load fixation.

On request broader plank scan be mounted in the wall.

Stacking & racking 5-high with 5.000kg
Using the MP Multibox pallet container you can stack your boxed potatoes or onions 5 high (with a maximum of 5x 1.000kg) in a warehouse.

Flexible height
Next to different pallet sizes, the complete program of MP Multibox offers you the choice of height. The inside height of our standard assortment is as follows (in mm) for pallet size

800x1200mm  1000x1200mm

  700mm                 800mm

1050mm              1100mm

1100mm              1200mm

1400mm              1600mm

1800mm              1900mm

2200mm              2200mm

Also we  can make the MP Multibox exactly to your required specifications.

Simple and fast discharge of bulk materials
With an additional feauture (on request) you can simply tilt over the MP Multibox with a forklift in order to dump its bulk load.

Pre-eminently suitable for materials handling processes of preforms, pellets, granulate small components, etc. Easy to use in combination with Big Bags.

Economy through Quality
The MP Multibox has been developed with attention for detail.  Only hte best quality of materials have been used. Because of this it can withstand many  logistic movements (>500) over a long period of time (>15 years).

Because all metal parts of the container are sendzimir galvanized, also outside use of this collapsible stillage is no problem.

Low operational costs and easy repair combined with the quality provided also make the MP Multibox the evident economic choice to make.

Leasing & Pooling
On request we can offer leasing and pooling on larger projects.