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Innovation in loading and unloading of pallet boxes: the walk-in Pallet box.

By a novelty in the construction of the MPbox pallet cages the manufacturer of the MPbox succeeded in making a foldable pallet box, which is fully functionally for loading and unloading with only 2 or 3 walls of its detachable walls snapped onto the pallet.

Functional benefits
One or even two walls can be taken out during the loading of the pallet box. This gives the box an easy entry on one or two sides.
The remaining standing walls can be used for the goods to be stacked against them. Your warehouse employees just walk into the pallet cage to stack or place the goods on the bottom. Goods do not longer have to be lifted over a folding window. Thus preventing possible physical back-problems and reducing absenteeism.

During unloading one or two walls are removed by simply clicking the 2 bench hooks from the pallet.
With the easy access that is created, oversized or heavy items can safely removed from the pallet box by simply walking in and out through the open sides.

The four walls of this box pallet each have 2 clamps which attach them to the pallet edge. Furthermore, on the bottom rim of two (or four) walls are short pins which fit in holes which are made in the pallet.
The MPbox has been constructed in a way to let one person quickly and easily assemble and disassemble the walls.

This newly developed contruction is available on almost the entire range MP Multiboxes . The heights range from 35cm to 220cm (inside height).
With these walls -as with our standard pallet walls- a pallet box of double height can be build, simply by putting 4 walls directly ontop of the first 4 walls. This creates a double net internal height of eg 1600 or 2200mm, from which with this new construction the front is still fully removable during loading and unloading.
There is also a version available for use with nestable plastic pallets

Financial Benefits & Well-being
The well-being of warehouse employees at the respective loading and unloading processes will significantly improved with the use of the Walk-in Pallet box.
Back-aches are prevented mainly because the goods can be loaded and unloaded without protruding the arms, but can be put on the pallet floor right at the feet keeping a straight back.
For employees who regularly load or unload pallet boxes this modified workflow will lead to significantly less physical complaints or risk for future complaints.
Financial benefits are achieved because the process of loading and unloading becomes not only more comfortable for the employees, it also just goes faster. And time is money.

Videos & Photos
Two videos of the Walk-In Pallet box are shown here.
On the product page you can seed more detailed pictures. For palletsize 80x120cm go to the MPB.e70.A and for palletsize 100x120cm go to the MPB.b160.A