Big Bag Frame
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Big Bag Frame

Makes your Big bag logistics more efficient and versatile.

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This Bigbag holder or -rack provides for safe transport of a big bag over short or long distance. Easy loading and unloading. Available in heights up to 2550mm. Also for storage (up to 5000kg/stacked 5-high)

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Compared to other solutions
Compared to other Big bag frames or racks, the MP Multibox has two large advantages:

-No risk of swinging during transport when the truck is cornering or braking.

-Better side protection of the content of your big bag.

Stacking 5-high with 5.000kg
The four walls of the MP Mulitbox are not only holding the big bag in its proper shape, also using the MPbox system you can stack the big bags 5 high (with a maximum of 5x 1.000kg) in your warehouse. No racking system is necessary.

Doubling your truck capacity
During transport of your big bags in a MP Multibox you can stack them 2-high, to use the maximum of the cargo space and saving on transport cost. With two of our 110cm high MP Multibox -each on a pallet- you get a total height of 250cm, filling your truck to its maximum.

Flexible height
Next to different pallet sizes, the complete program of MP Multibox offers you choice of height. Choose from an inside hight between 700 – 2400mm.

The MP Multibox has a very sturdy build and can withstand many (>500) logistic movements over a long lifespan (>15 years).

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Product Description

Product name MPB.b80
Ground size 1000 x 1200 mm
External dimension 1000 x 1200 x 800 mm
Interior dimensions 950 x 1150 x 800 mm
Interior volume (m3) 0.87
Weight in kg’s 32
Weight in/ex excl. Pallet
Walls 20mm thick x 95mm wide North European Whitewood. On request ISPM15 certified. Open space between the planks: ±85mm with standard planks.
Rims 2 mm sendzimir galvanized steel.
Construction Riveted steel. Walls are fixed to a pallet with centerpens and clasps. A rubberspring block in the four clasps ensures a sturdy attachment even with slight variabilities in the pallets board thickness. Optimal is 20mm (±1mm).
Return volume 14% of full volume (ex pallet).
Loading capacity  
1.000kg (max 5 boxes/5.000kg)
In terms of operating costs the MP Multibox is a flexible and economical alternative to pallet collars, pallet cages, stillages, stacking boxes and pallet stillages. Also in comparison with pallet collar, wooden box pallets, transport boxes, stacking pallets, retention units and mesh whire cage the MPbox system offers big advantages in terms of durability and flexibility together with cost reduction in your materials handling processes.

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