Forming one piece Plastic Pallet Box with closed foldable walls
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Plastic Pallet Box with closed foldable walls, forming one piece


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Collapsed only 390mm high. When empty stackable 6-high in a truck. Closed walls are made from double plastic panels. 2 Folding walls for easy accessibility.

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This foldable stillage consists of a pallet forming a whole with four foldable solid walls. The four walls are part of a uniform construction with the Euro pallet (1200x800mm) and when folded disappear in the steel rim.This MP Flexbox is stackable when folded (6-high in a truck), as well as when unfolded.

This MP Flexbox has a folding window on both long sides.

When folded, the volume is reduced by 66%. Pleasant with return shipments and convenient in your warehouse as they take little space when empty.

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Product Description

Product name MPC.e120
Ground size 800x1200mm
External dimension 800x1200x1340mm
Interior dimensions 750x1150x1200mm
Interior volume (m3) 1,0
Weight in kg’s 76,4
Weight in/ex incl. Pallet
Walls 10 mm polypropylene (pp)  honeycomb pannels
Rims 2 mm sendzimir galvanized steel.
Bottom High Quality planed whitewood pallet with closed deck and hardwood outer planks. Optional a plastic pallet can be provided.
Construction Riveted steel rims. Walls are attached to the steel collar via bolted industrial hinges.
Return volume 33% of full volume.
Loading capacity  
1.000kg (max 4 boxes or 1.000kg total)
In terms of operating costs the MP Flexbox is a flexible and economical alternative to stillages, stacking boxes and pallet stillages. Also in comparison with box pallets, transport boxes, stacking pallets, retention units and mesh whire cage the MPbox system offers big advantages in terms of durability and flexibility together with cost reduction in your materials handling processes.

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