Cost savings calculated with returnable vs. One-way pallet boxes

Returnable pallet boxes vs. one-way pallet boxes

To show you that the use of returnable pallet boxes compared to one-way pallet boxes saves your company money I made a sample calculation below.

Lets assume the following situation:

New one-way pallet boxes you use now cost € 16, – a piece.
A high quality reusable collapsible pallet box would cost € 80, -.

Returning the reusable pallet box would cost around € 2,- per time (transportation over a distance of 600km / € 500, – per return freight with 250 empty crates.)

After only 5 transports you save € 14,- per box (€ 16, – minus the return costs of € 2,-) The purchase of the reusable pallet boxes has after all been paid for in the first five trips.

So after 5 trips you save over € 720, – on each full truck load of 52 boxes (double stacked). And these savings are over and over again. Year after year.

This not only provides you immediate savings, it also provides you with a new competitive advantage when acquiring new customers: you have become cheaper than your competition!

If you then consider that the reusable pallet boxes can be used over more than 500 logistic movements and also are easy to repair when damaged, you only need to make this purchase once in order to have its benefits for even decades.

An good example of a reusable pallet bos is the MPG.b80

If you want we can make the above calculation for your specific situation. You will then know fairly accurately which savings you get by switching to reusable collapsible wooden crates. Ask us for a custom calculation via .