Leasing and Poolingpartner

For companies who want to outsource the financial part of buying the MP Pallet Boxes and/or the operational part of managing the flow of MP Pallet Boxes through their logistic processes and geographic locations, we can be your poolingpartner and provide different solutions to choose from.

We can offer a lease contract on the MP Pallet Boxes to companies in the EU, through which the assets will be cut out from your balance sheet. Leasing can only be granted after you become elegible.

Inform about the possibilities here.

Using the MP Pallet Boxes on multiple locations distributing them over several countries, requires effective organization and control to ensure that the proper number of pallet cages is located in the right location at the right time.

We can help you reduce your cost per cycle through optimized pallet pool management, by offering professional pallet pooling for the MP Pallet Boxes.

Ask your future poolingpartner here for more information on pallet pooling of our MP Pallet Boxes.