Internal Logistics

All three of our lines of products, the MP Multibox, the MP Flexbox and the MP Bulkbox are used for internal transportation of goods, raw materials and semi-manufactured goods.

The MPbox is used for a wide variety of internal logsitc processes. The MP pallet box is used for easy supplying your production process from the internal storage with materials and components. Sometimes it is used as a supply buffer nesxt to the production machine. Combined with a big bag the MPbox is also useful in stacking smaller materials such as preforms, granulates and other bulk goods, offering the possibility of easy dumping the load by tilting over or via a bottom opening.

Our collo modular MP Multibox has the exact inner dimensions of a standard size pallet box, which allows you to load transport boxes directly from a maritime container into the pallet cage and stack them for further safe storage and order pick in a central warehouse.

The roll pallet, equipped with 4 wheels, makes the MP Mulitbox even more convenient for internal transport. Over small distances it can be use as a trolley with a loading capacity of 1000kg.

Next to different pallet sizes, the complete range of the MP Multibox offers you choise of heights. The inside height of our standard options is as follows (in mm) for pallet size:

800x1200mm    1000x1200mm

700mm               800mm
1050mm             1100mm
1100mm             1200mm
1400mm             1600mm
1800mm             1900mm
2200mm             2200mm

We can also build the MP Multibox exactly per your specifications.


Bulk materials and small components
The foldable MP bulk boxes are developed for easy, quick and safe loading, transporting and unloading all kinds of bulk materials, small components, preforms, pellets, granules – per m3.

Our foldable MP Bulkbox with hopper for bottom discharge (MPB.b105.X) is unique in Europe for its effortless way to supply components, materials or bulk in (semi-) automated production operations.

The MP Bulk Box can accurately discharge small components or bulk materials directly into a (semi-) automated production process.

Next to feeding materials, the MP Bulk Boxes are also used as collapsible transport containers: after being filled in automated packing stations, the goods are directly ready for transport and distribution per m3.

For the receiving party the collapsible MP bulk box again means savings in their materials handling, because of its easy and accurately dispensing of the load. And all this up to even 1200kg per collapsible pallet box.

Empty you can fold and stack this collapsible bulk container 5-high inside a normal truck.

Smaller Cartons and difficult-to-carry goods
We have another special solution for easier and faster loading and unloading: our Walk-In Pallet Box.

Through its newly invented ingenious construction you can take out the complete front side of this pallet box during loading & unloading.

This offers advantage not only with voluminous or heavy goods which are difficult to carry, but also with smaller boxes which have to be neatly stacked inside the pallet box.

In all cases the process of loading and unloading can from now on be done with a straight back. There is no longer need to reach with the load in in hands, you simply walk in and outside the pallet box. Thus preventing back problems.

During transport, the wooden walls of our flexible pallet box ensure that goods are fully protected against external punctures. The stability and high rigidity of the walls fixed on the pallet gives the load a solid fixation. Upon request, we can also mount wide planks in the wall.

The MP Multibox pallet cage allows you to stack your materials up to 5 high in a warehouse (with a maximum of 5x 1.000kg).

The MP Multibox has been designed with great attention to details. We use only high quality materials, and produce our complete range of products in our factory in Holland. Thus the MP pallet box is built to withstand many logistic movements (>500) over a long period of time (>15 years).

Since all metal parts of the container are sendzimir galvanized, the collapsible stillage can very well withstand outdoor use.

Our pallet boxes are known for its low operational costs and their high build quality, as well as the very easy method of repair. Our international customers can recommend the MPbox as the most carefree and economic choise.

On request, we are glad to provide you the possibility of leasing and pooling.