The MP Multibox is a smart, flexible and effective alternative for the conventional stillages or pallet boxes and transport cages.

Shop delivery from central DC
The MP Multibox is used in a DC for preparing the per-shop orders for large retail stores. Every shop gets one container. Depending on the order it will have a variable hight. All can be neatly stacked in a truck.

For this purpose we have a model with a folding window on each side for easy acces in the hallways of the central distribution center. In the local retail outlet -after usage- the boxes can be neatly stacked (up to 40 boxes in only 1 pallet place). This is important because the space in the outlets often is limited.

Saving materials handling process
Especially in manual order picking processes used for collecting supplies to retail outlet stores, there occur savings.

By uniformity of your packaging system a high degree of clarity is created. A faster manual picking with fewer errors are possible.

While during order picking people do not need to open one or more cartons  before picking the actuasl product, because the loose products are directly accessible stacked or in bulk in the pallet cage.

In addition, there is less or even none packaging waste your people daily have to dispose of.

Collo Modular Pallet box
For the incoming logistics in your central warehouse sometimes goods are repacked from maritime containers into the racking system. We have two collo modular pallet cages ( MPB.b80.T  and  MPB.e70.T) which have outside dimensions 6 cm larger than a standard pallet, but have inside dimensions exactly  fitting a pallet. Thus enabling you to stack the boxed goods directly into the MP Multibox, using them as a stable load carrier in your warehouse, where you can stack them high.

And also providing a practical and stable solution for temporary storage.

Stacking & racking 5-high with 5.000kg
Using the MP Multibox pallet container you can stack your boxed potatoes or onions 5 high (with a maximum of 5x 1.000kg) in a warehouse.

Flexible height
Next to different pallet sizes, the complete program of MP Multibox offers you the choice of height. The inside height of our standard assortment is as follows (in mm) for pallet size         

800x1200mm  1000x1200mm

  700mm                 800mm

1050mm              1100mm

1100mm              1200mm

1400mm              1600mm

1800mm              1900mm

2200mm              2200mm

Also we  can make the MP Multibox exactly to your required specifications.

Economy through Quality
The MP Multibox has been developed with attention for detail.  Only the best quality of materials have been used. Because of this it can withstand many  logistic movements (>500) over a long period of time (>15 years).

Low operational costs and easy repair combined with the quality provided also make the MP Multibox the evident economic choice to make.

Leasing & Pooling
On request we can offer leasing and pooling on larger projects.