Synonyms for Pallet Boxes

We give you a list of synonyms for the word pallet boxes. We also explain the background of the various denominations from using some examples.

One can distinguish according to the structure;
-there are not collapsible and collapsible pallet boxes;
-there are collapsible pallet boxes with walls fixed to the bottom or with separate pallet walls (also called pallet collars);
-the pallet walls may be completely open, partially open (aerated) or entirely closed.
Finally some pallet boxes are delivered with lid although this is not so common.

Finally, an important distinction between pallet boxes are of course their dimensions.

Both the pallet size is important as their effective height inside.
Pallet dimensions 1200×800 and 1200×1000 are widely used over Europe, but per country there are still large differences.
The height of the pallet walls is often chosen in a way that when empty they can be collapsed and be laid flat on the pallet deck.

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